Why the Left Doesn't Support the Boy Scouts

It's because of things like this:

A Scottsdale boy who raised 13,000 comfort goods for the Marines is praying that his efforts will come full circle.

Nick Balbona, 14, started the prolific donations drive in May in an effort to become an Eagle Scout - the highest rank in the Boy Scouting program.

Every Eagle Scout hopeful must spearhead a service project that shows leadership and ambition, Balbona said.

After documenting his hard work, Balbona plans to send his reports off to Boy Scout officials, who will decide if he is worthy to move up in rank.

"I'm pretty confident," Balbona said.

"People have been so generous."

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure - his efforts weren't in vain.

During his final count, Balbona marked off 3,898 pens and pencils, 584 bars of soap, 858 granola bars, 203 tubes of toothpaste and hundreds of other goodies.
Yep, we can't have young men really supporting the troops, can we?