Happy 4th of July!

Well, looks like John has the blogging well-covered today (thanks, John!), so I am gonna pretty much take the 4th off, I think.

Before I do that, tho, I'd like to do a quick look at some Independence Day tributes around the web.

Human Events reprints the text of the Declaration of Independence and gives us two articles on the Fourth, one by Armstrong Williams and one by Frosty Wooldridge.

National Review Online has several articles of a patriotic nature, including one on the removal of the Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List (and it wasn't the List that saved it).

OpinionJournal.com has a very moving article about the Founders.

And, closer to home (at least cyber-home), our own Revbeaux posted this article on his blog at Liberal Implosion. It is well worth a read.

Last, but certainly not least, it's probably worth a few minutes of your holiday to sit back and listen to the late great Red Skelton explain the Pledge of Allegiance in his own inimitable style.

God Bless America!