Immigration, Amnesty, and Terrorists

Once again, we have a link between people trying to get into the US and a terror plot. Thank God, this time they were not successful in getting in, so they did the next best thing. They tried their terror where they were, in Britain.

Two of the seven doctors arrested in Britain after last week's failed bomb attacks had explored the possibility of coming to the United States, making inquiries to a Philadelphia-based organization, sources said.

The two took preliminary steps to apply for graduate medical-education programs in this country, sources familiar with the FBI investigation told The Inquirer.

This is the first indication that members of the alleged terror cell in Britain expressed any interest in coming to the United States.

Now, imagine for a moment if the amnesty bill had passed. It's not that far-fetched to believe that these people might actually have been allowed to enter the country.

Lefties and other amnesty supporters will be quick to spin this with, "well, their bombs didn't detonate in Britain, why assume they would have detonated here?" The correct question is, why assume they would not have detonated here?

This story is also bad news for John "The War On Terror Is A Bumpersticker" Edwards and the rest of the Party of the Donkey Presidential hopefuls. It's another reminder that we're not immune to terror attacks, like the attempted Fort Dix or JFK Airport attacks.

So watch for the Dhimmicrats, their willing accomplices at ABCCBSCNNNBCNPRPBS, and those Republicans who supported amnesty to downplay this one.