Iraq Mid-term Eval

The highly anticipated, and speculated on, White House Iraq Progress Report is due for formal release today. It will show that the Iraqi government has made satisfactory progress on eight of eighteen benchmarks.

A widely anticipated White House report on Iraq, set for release today, contends that Iraq has made "satisfactory" progress toward nearly half of the political and military goals sought by Congress, while acknowledging that an equal number remain "unsatisfactory," an administration official said yesterday. (via Boston.com)
The findings of this report will be pored over, dissected and argued about. Considering the current debate in the Senate on the best plan to ensure we lose in Iraq, I'm sure the results will be used as evidence by democrats that Iraq is a lost cause, and we should surrender as fast as we can.

If we measured our federal government in eighteen critical areas, would eight of them be satisfactory? Probably not. Perhaps it's time we give up and pull out of Washington, DC.