Graham In The Crosshairs

Consider this a public service announcement. If you, like I, had your fill of Lindsey Graham during the illegal immigrant amnesty debacle, then you might be looking for any news about his reelection fortunes in the upcoming South Carolina Senate race in 2008.

I've been looking around and compiling some links on the blogs and websites that have sprung up to document Lindsey's transgressions and rally support to recruit a primary challenger. They're looking for a way to get Lindsey out of office. They're mad.

There are a handful I've come across that seem to be fairly active and in depth. This one: Lindsey Graham.info seems to be the best of the lot. And the guy appears to have been on the dump Graham bandwagon for a while. This was an interesting bit of info:

There has been much speculation about a potential challenger to Senator Lindsey Graham. One thing seems certain, any challenge must come in the Republican primary. When asked about a potential challenger in the general election, former SC Democrat Party chair Joe Erwin said he doubted any Democrat would run, saying, “We already have our best Democrat up there in Lindsey.” That’s a pretty devastating comment coming from a Democrat.
If any readers are interested, I'm posting the links of the Graham sites I've rounded up -

LindseyGraham.info DumpLindsey.org BootLindsey

ToastGraham DumpLindseyGraham

Lindsey Graham at Source Watch Congresspedia