Fred and the Pro-Abortion Lobbying Job

By the way, for those of you concerned about the allegations that Fred lobbied for a pro-abortion group, Jim Geraghty does a far, far better job of taking it apart here, here, and here.

Some points worth considering:

  • Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo’s observation that there are no billing records.
  • Corallo’s further explanation that another lawyer at the firm may have done the lobbying. Thompson "may have been consulted by one of [his] firm's partners who represented this group in 1991"… it was "not unusual for one lawyer on one side of an issue to be asked to give advice to colleagues for clients who engage in conduct or activities with which they personally disagree."
It’s significantly problematic that every person the Times quotes would appear to have incentive to take down Thompson, as he was a pro-life senator and all of these folks are not merely pro-choice, but professional lobbyists in support of that view. If one Republican or pro-life, or pro-Fred source had been quoted on the record, “Yes, Fred did this work and it was significant” then the charge would carry a lot more weight.
And also...
Also, a sharp mind in Washington tells me [Geraghty], "if the abortion group isn't willing to produce the invoices they paid the law firm (which will have every [bad word]ing lawyer's name on the bill), they should go to hell."
I sort of suspect that this is a classic media hit piece, a la the now-infamous Bush National Guard memo. We shall see if this pro-abortion group comes forward with any billing records, and whether those records stand up to scrutiny; or if this just sort of vanishes from the news. I'd bet on the latter.