The Incredible Disappearing Quote

Turns out the LA Times is trying to some creative editing on a story that has a very inconvenient quote in it.

The original quote goes like this (emphasis added):

But Judith DeSarno, who was president of the family planning association in 1991, said Thompson lobbied for the group for several months.

At one of the meals, she recalled, Thompson re-enacted a cowboy death scene from one of his movies. She also remembered him telling her that Sununu had just given him tickets for a VIP tour.

However, a sharp-eyed observer over at Captain's Quarters points out that Fred hadn't acted in a Western until this year.

So now the offending quote has been removed.

Do ya think we can get Judith DeSarno for perjury because she remembered something wrong?

Would she get 30 months?

Inquiring minds want to know!