Fred! is Running!

Updated and Bumped 7/11/07 - Pictures of Fred! at yesterday's Freedom Concert. Fred! with Charlie Daniels and Larry the Cable Guy. (h/t: I'mWithFred)

Listening to the Sean Hannity Show broadcasting from the site of tonight's Freedom Concert. Fred! Thompson on live with Sean. Hannity just asked him, "Are you running for President?" Fred! said, "Yes. But I'm not going to tell you when." (As closely as I can accurately repeat the exchange.)

Of course, we all know Fred! is running, but it's good to hear a "yes" straight from his mouth. As I understand the testing the waters and exploratory committee rules, the potential candidates have to be careful of what they say about a candidacy. The wrong turn of phrase or statement can propel you from possible candidate to candidate and changes all the rules for donations and reporting.