Reaction to Scooter

Ya know, it's been illuminating to watch the reaction to Scooter Libby's sentence being commuted by President Bush. I've been doing some ruminating, and here's what I've come up with:

The main reason the left is soooooo exercised about this is because they can't do a thing about it, and they know it.

President Bush, as President, has the legal authority to issue pardons and commute sentences. That part of the Constitution did not end when Mr. Clinton vacated the Oval Office--though some on the left clearly think it should have. Therefore, they can't possibly impeach him on that.

The lefties are also unable to vote against Mr. Bush, because he's not running again. That also makes his approval rating (which is based on polls, which are notoriously easy to skew--which is why I don't ever post about polls) pretty much a moot point--it's not like he has to woo the voters any more.

So, they have two options. They can take it like adults, accept that something happened that they don't like, and move on (heh... irony of ironies there), or they can throw temper tantrums like 3-year-olds.

I think it's clear which they have chosen.