It's Dubya's Fault - Hillary

The democrat presidential candidates had a pander fest June 30th at Walt Disney World, attended by 1,000 delegates of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, from across the United States.

Naturally, they took the opportunity to blame the lack of comprehensive immigration reform on President Bush, Republicans, talk radio hosts and conservatives who have called for the building of the really big fence. Apparently, they didn't charge anyone with being a racist, nativist, xenophobe, bigot or of being really loud.

Edwards used the forum to further his class warfare campaign plank of Two Americas:

...warned that without any legislation, the U.S. teeters on becoming a nation of "first-class citizens and second-class workers."
Obama, when he got called out, flip-flopped on the really big fence:
...who voted last year for a 700-mile border fence, seemed taken aback when asked about it during the candidate forum, quickly suggesting he no longer embraces the approach.
Not to worry. If the really big fence somehow gets built, Bill Richardson promised, if elected, to tear it down:
[...] He drew cheers when he vowed that, if elected, "the first thing that will come down is the wall that Congress wants to build."
Did you know Richardson is the only hispanic in the presidential race? And he speaks Spanish really well?

We're not done yet, oh, no.

The master panderer, Hillary, blamed George Bush for the continued poverty in Mexico that's driving the illegal immigrants into the United States:
... she said Bush has ignored the poverty in Mexico that is spawning the flood of immigrants.
I wonder what she thinks the President is supposed to do about the poverty in Mexico? Expect a proposal from the Clinton camp for a poverty abatement program in Mexico that will be paid for with profits taken from big agriculture.

Maybe Mexican voters should consider not electing corrupt politicians and endorsing corrupt government. Last fall they came close to electing a true socialist as el Presidente. I'm sure he would have solved all their problems, as he promised them everything they wanted.

What else will turn out to be George Bush's fault? Stay tuned.