Perspective from an OIF Vet

Steve at Educated Soldier blog has a post relating his experience in ar Ramadi in 2005 titled Ramadi Part One.

What is most interesting is his description of how much Ramadi changed and improved during the first six months of his last tour. Also, he stays in contact with friends of his old unit, some of whom are currently deployed to Iraq, They are relating to him good news and dramatic improvements in security.

He also relates the disconnect he found between what Americans thought of Iraq and what he knew was the reality.

I do disagree with his conclusion that the mainstream media is not inherently biased or liberal. I of course find the media to be inherently biased and liberal. However, sometimes it's hard to see until you've read examples of how they accomplish it. Before I read a couple of books on the subject and found some media watch dog sites, I didn't realize just how insidious it could be.