Thompson/Giuliani 2008?

Over at the Campaign Spot on NRO, Jim Geraghty has an interesting article about Fred and Rudy.

I had been talking with a strategist with neither the Rudy nor FDT campaigns, and he had mentioned his theory on running mates. This strategist said tickets no longer need geographic or ideological balance; instead, what mattered was that the strengths of the vice-presidential nominee echo the strengths of the presidential nominee. The choice, he said, says, 'The qualities that are so great about me are so important to the job of president, that I want the man (or woman) who is a heartbeat away from the presidency to have the same strengths.'
Come to think of it, a Fred/Rudy ticket would probably be pretty much unstoppable on law and order, as well as national security concerns. And I sort of feel in my gut that those are going to be the big issues in this election.

Now, if only Fred can talk Rudy into being #2...