Environmental Whacko Hypocrisy

I know, you're shocked. Imagine, hypocrites in the global warming alarmist and environmental whacko community. Yet, NewsBusters has this post ABC Bashes Bottled Water Companies, Ignores the One RFK Jr. Owns, highlighting not only the hypocrisy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., but also the lack of inquisitiveness and bias of the driveby media.

During RFK Jr.'s wild eyed rant at Saturday's "Dead Thunk!" (commonly known as LiveEarth) event at Giants Stadium, he slammed politicians, the media and conservative talkers Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck, calling them "lying Flat Earthers". (video)

In the fervor to advance the global warming alarmism and environmental whackoism, ABC World News aired a segment (via Business and Media Institute) bashing bottled water companies because they are hurting the environment.

“With every sip are you actually hurting the environment?” teased anchor Dan Harris
In their haste to reinforce the message of the weekend, ABC failed to recognize that environmental activist RFK, Jr. owns a bottled water company. As reported by the NY Times in 1999:

[...] Using seed loans from friends and family, Mr. Kennedy and other environmentalists formed Tear of the Clouds L.L.C. to introduce Keeper Springs, which is named after the 35 "keeper" groups across the country that protect and improve local waterways. [...]
You might be thinking the same thing I did. That was 1999, maybe RFK, Jr. saw the error of his ways and divested himself of the evil, environmentally harmful bottled water company. After all, the anti-bottled water craze is a relatively new wrinkle in the larger global warming alarmism and enviro-whackoism movements. But no. After perusing the website of RFK Jr.'s bottled water company I found on the "Contact Us" page: AN ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT BY ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.

That's all for now. I'm off to buy a case of bottled water.

Hat tip: NewsBusters.