United States Navy Divers Aiding In Bridge Collapse Recovery

All will be well now - the United States Navy is on the way to the site of the I-35W bridge collapse to aid in recovery efforts.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2007 – Navy divers will aid in recovery efforts at the site of the Aug. 1 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Defense Department officials said today.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates approved a request from Transportation Secretary Mary Peters over the weekend, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said today.


Navy divers will help state and local divers examine wreckage and clear debris. The divers will come from Mobile Dive and Salvage Unit 2, based in Little Creek, Va. The unit has sent a five-man assessment team to the city to work with state and local officials.

Whitman said U.S. Northern Command has a coordinating officer at the site to assess requests from state, local and national officials for Defense Department aid. Northern Command coordinates assistance to civilian authorities in such emergencies.

MDSU2 – Mobile Diving & Salvage Unit TWO

Experts in Salvage

Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO, located at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, was originally established as Harbor Clearance Unit TWO on 01 October 1966. Patterned after World War II mobile salvage units, MDSU 2 consolidated the diving resources of the Atlantic fleet in order to clear harbors and waterways during the Vietnam War.

The command officially became Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO in February of 1982, reflecting the new focus on salvage operations specialized diving missions. Over the years, MDSU 2 earned the title of "Experts in Salvage" through participation in such unique operations as the recovery of TWA Flight 800 and Swiss Air Flight 111, re-floating of YFU-83 in Puerto Rico, the salvage of the USS Monitor screw, and recovery of Haitian Ferry victims.

As my Dad used to say, "Another job well done by the boys in blue."