Pajamas Media Straw Poll - Week 31

Pajamas Media's weekly straw poll, week 31, is open. Click on Polling Booth at the top of the right hand column to vote.

The Ron Paulbots continue to make their presence known on the internet, leading Paul to another weekly win in the straw poll, but shedding about four percentage points from week 29. It appears most of the four points went to Mike Huckabee. I guess his showing in the Iowa Straw Poll had some positive effect for Huck.

Leading vote getters for last week (percentages rounded off): Paul 40%, Fred! 27%, Rudy 11%, Mitt 8% and Huck 6%.

Dennis Kucinich made an appearance atop the democrat field for the first time in several weeks, edging out Richardson, the winner in recent weeks.

Leading vote getter for week 30 (percentages rounded off): Gazoo 30%, Richardson 27%, Slow Joe 12%, Hillary 9%.

Straw poll results for week 30 here.