Lessons from One Thompson for Another

Tommy Thompson's withdrawal from the race after the Ames straw poll might have implications for Fred:

While Thompson may today benefit by being “none of the above,” that could easily change in weeks or days. Mitt Romney could easily build on his comfortable win in Ames and line up the conservative support troops Thompson is counting on. John McCain shows no sign of going anywhere, the turmoil surrounding his campaign notwithstanding, and one New Hampshire source says he is getting a hero’s welcome in the state of his biggest triumph seven years ago. Mike Huckabee appears a post-Ames fixture on TV talk shows and could well move into the top tier of Republican candidates, usurping the mantle Thompson obviously covets.

So take a lesson from the page of your namesake Tommy, Fred. Timing is not everything in politics, but it’s an important thing. Make a move or at least let your intentions be known a little more firmly. And don’t forget the admonition of former Secretary of State James Baker: “Overnight is an eternity in politics.”

Are ya listenin', Fred?