English is the Language of The United States

This is a great video. I first heard the song on the J.D. Hayworth Radio Show a couple of weeks ago, but didn't realize it was a video. Then tonight I heard it on the Mike Gallagher Show and he mentioned it was a video on You Tube.

It's a musical video by a husband and wife team, Rivoli Revue, that's been viewed more than 4.8 million times on You Tube. The song decries the diminishment of the English language in our multi-cultural society, making the point of why we native English speakers are the ones required to press one to hear it.

Press One for English

Recently I read some snarky commentary about Tom Tancredo and his supporters complaining about this very matter. The commentary went on to ask if pressing one on the phone was just beyond Tancredo's ability.

Of course, the commentary missed the point of Tancredo's complaint and will likely miss the point of this video. When you call Joe Schmoe's Customer Service Hotline, after the recording introduces itself, it should say in Spanish, presione uno para el espaƱol, then continue on with explaining the directions in English.

Oh, I know, there will be those out there who will claim this song is racist. They'll just have to say it, because I'm going to post the video anyway and say loud and clear that I support it's message. After all, what can I possibly know about racism? I don't belong to a Mexican immigrant advocacy group whose name, La Raza, translates to The Race.

Besides, the music has a good beat and you can dance to it.

Press One for English

Hey, I can't read that sign out there
Please tell me what's it say
We have to have subtitles
In five languages these days
Now we don't ask too much
To share this land of liberties
But if it's not too much to ask
Could you please speak English


English is my language
It's the language of this land
And every sign that's posted here
I should understand
I do not live in China, Mexico
No foreign place
And English is the language
Of the United States

Now I'll speak very clear for you
So there'll be no mistake
My family fought and died
Protecting freedoms in these states
Now we all welcome those who come
But when you reach our shores
Folks you should speak our language
Not the one you spoke before

(Repeat chorus)

Now I'm proud of this country
And this great Democracy
And I believe an open door
Should be our policy
But for these opportunities
We'd simply ask you this
Hey you're the one who chose to come
Now choose to speak English
Now here's one thing I question
And try to understand
Hey why must I press one for English
When it's the language of this land

(Repeat chorus)

I do not live in China, Mexico,
No foreign place
And English is the language
Of these United States