Conservative Talk Radio Hosts Summoned to White House, Receive Talking Points

Ten conservative talkers were invited to the White House on Wednesday for a sit-down with President Bush. The conversation was off the record and they can't quote the President. The talkers attending were Glenn Beck, Bill Bennett, Neal Boortz, Scott Hennon, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson, Mark Levin, Michael Medved, Janet Parshall and Hugh Hewitt.

Listening to a couple of the attendees shows since the meeting, the theme seemed to be primarily centered around the President reiterating his commitment to the war in Iraq and the war on global terrorism. They came away with the impression that he is totally engaged, aware and committed to this effort.

What I got from their remarks was how open, communicative, engaging and human the man is. Anytime I've heard or read anecdotal reports from anyone who has met President Bush in that kind of setting, the stories are always the same. George Bush is just a good guy. Contrast that with the popular characterization of him in the driveby media or the left wing blogosphere and you would not know they are talking about the same person.

Hugh Hewitt posts: Wartime President

I will say on today's show that I am confident about the course of the war and about the momentum in Iraq, as well of the president's absolute commitment to doing right by the troops and his concern for every lost and wounded soldier and their families. President Bush's command of the details and his broad view of the conflict is reassuring, and among my comments to him was the wish that he found more opportunities to engage in long interviews that would allow the American public to see that grasp and that commitment.

Neal Boortz reports: No....I Didn't Go Play Augusta

As many of you know, I made a similar visit last September. My principal impression this time mirrored what I told you last year. Anybody who thinks that this president is, somehow, ignorant or stupid is either sadly misinformed or delusional. Let the left think this man is unintelligent at their peril. I was particularly impressed by his grasp of the political and cultural interactions among the various Muslim sects and countries of the Middle East.

Another observation ... actually a reinforcement of what I felt after last September's visit. This man was completely transformed by the 9/11 Islamic attacks against our country. From the moment he heard of the attack in that classroom in Florida to this day he has been completely dedicated to the cause of protecting and defending our country from another such attack.

Of course, as Neal points out, many people are invited for these one-on-ones with the President, but when it happens to be conservative talkers, then it's scandalous. I suppose the White House could invite some liberal talkers for the same thing, but there's the whole problem of how to get the slug slime off the Oval Office rugs once they are gone.