HamNation: Ooh Rah! USMC Sunset Parade

Conservababe Mary Katherine Ham's weekly vlog is up. This week's subject is Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., Sunset Parade at the USMC War Memorial.

Sorry, no code to embed the video this week - Ooh Rah! USMC at Sunset Parade

Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.

Marine Barracks Washington, also known as "8th & I," is the oldest active post in the Marine Corps. Located on the corners of 8th & I streets in southeast Washington, D.C. the Barracks supports both ceremonial and security missions in the nation's capital.

Sunset Parade

A one hour performance, the Sunset Parade features the music of "The Commandant's Own", The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and precision drill by the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon.

On Nov. 10, 1954, the 179th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, a bronze monument modeled after the famous photo of the flag raising on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, was unveiled at the Arlington National Cemetery. President Dwight D. Eisenhower dedicated the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial to all Marines who had died to keep their country free.

Since September 1956, marching and musical units from Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C., have been paying tribute to those whose "Uncommon valor was a common virtue" by presenting Sunset Parades in the shadow of the 32-foot high figures of the United States Marine Corps War Memorial.

USMC War Memorial

The Marine Corps War Memorial stands as a symbol of this grateful Nation's esteem for the honored dead of the U.S. Marine Corps. While the statue depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, the memorial is dedicated to all Marines who have given their lives in the defense of the United States since 1775.

Mary Katherine seems to be surprised (disappointed?) that you can't hug a Marine while he's in uniform. That's right Mary Katherine, no PDA (public display of affection). It's un-military. I wonder how many slips of paper she got with Marine's phone numbers on them?

IMO, the Marine Dress Blue uniform is the sharpest, best looking uniform of any military in the entire world.

Semper Fi!