Ready, Aim (at Own Foot), and FIRE!

Looks like the Kos Kiddies may get their wish after all. Harry Reid is threatening to cut off funds to the troops.

WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday he wants to cut off money for the Iraq war next year, making clear for the first time that Democrats are willing to pull out all the stops to end U.S. involvement.


"In the face of the administration's stubborn unwillingness to change course, the Senate has no choice but to force a change of course," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who signed on Monday as a co-sponsor of Reid's proposal with Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis.
I gotta agree with Uncle Jimbo of BlackFive... please, Harry, do it! Show the American voters how the Party of the Donkey "supports the troops."

A bit of history for those educated in public schools: Since the last time that Congress cut off funding for a war (Vietnam), there have been eight Presidential elections. Democrats have won three of those, and each of those can be tied to a Republican screw-up (Watergate, "Read My Lips," and the idiocy of nominating the lackluster Bob Dole to go against the admittedly charismatic Bill Clinton).

And now the Democrats want to do it again. I say, bring it on! Show the American voting public once again why you can't be trusted with national security.

Show us that you can walk the lefty anti-war walk instead of just talking the talk, Harry.