French Aiding Iran in Developing Nukes

Once again, France has shown that it prefers making money to stopping rogue nations from arming themselves.

WESTERN GOVERNMENTS have been accused of "stunning hypocrisy" after it was revealed that Iran has a 10% stake in the world's largest uranium enrichment plant in France.

All the time that Britain, France and the US have been pressing the Iranian government to cease enriching uranium, the Islamic republic has been reaping multimillion pound dividends from its shareholding in Eurodif, an international enrichment plant at Pierrelatte in southern France.

Because of its involvement, Iran has also been learning more about the latest enrichment technology. It claims that it only wants to enrich uranium to improve its performance as a fuel in nuclear power stations, but Western nations are worried that it will be used to make nuclear bombs.

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Reminds one of French involvement in Saddam's Iraq, doesn't it?

The French are not our allies. This report should be ample proof of that.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs.