Fred Thompson Gaining Momentum

Even Time seems to think that Fred may be on his way into the race.

Indeed, National Review Editor Rich Lowry is sensing serious movement on the Draft Thompson front:

"Now, the odds seem to strongly favor him getting in. If I had to bet, I'd say he does it."

I imagine Lowry's basing his opinion on his sources, but from a common-sense perspective rarely does a draft movement get this kind of momentum without some prodding from the unannounced candidate himself. And one also doesn't pen an op-ed for the conservative RedState.com if he's just 50-50 on the matter. I'd say what Thompson wrote energized the conservative grassroots far more than what Sen. John McCain had to say in the Washington Post Sunday, which is not to malign what McCain wrote. It's just that all the energy out there seems to be with Thompson and whether he's the man conservatives want him to be. His RedState.com article gives them reason to believe.

Looks like we may have a true conservative in the race soon.

Hat Tip: No Left Turns (Sorry, Time, your blog just isn't on my regular reading list... maybe because if you told me stone was hard, I'd experiment with a rock for a pillow.)