Giuliani Feeling the Heat on Abortion

Looks like Rudy's recent abortion comments have put his campaign in full damage-control mode. NRO ran an editorial regarding his statement on Friday, and, lo and behold, the "Policy Director" of Rudy's campaign, a Mr. Bill Simon, has seen fit to fire off a letter to them, which was printed today (link to that letter is in the title of this post). Mr. Simon makes a claim that looks good at first glance:

Abortions declined by 16.8 percent in New York City during the Giuliani administration, according to the Center for Disease Control. And University of Alabama political scientist Michael New told your publication, “The decline in abortions in New York City under Giuliani was greater than the national decline.”
The editors at NRO, however, are no dummies. They reply with:
Like Bill Simon, we admire Professor New. Let’s quote him some more on abortion trends during Giuliani’s mayoral terms: “I cannot attribute this decline to any actual policy Giuliani implemented.” Note also that New York City’s abortion rate had a long way to fall: Even after its decline, it remained much higher than the national average. Should Mayor Giuliani get credit for that fact as well?
The fact that Mr. Simon had to try so desperately to cover Rudy's gaffe indicates that he knows just how much damage his boss has done. I admire Simon for doing his job and trying to cover Rudy's backside, but I can tell you that's a job I sure wouldn't want, the way Rudy likes to speak first and think later.