Fred Thompson has Treatable Cancer

Fred announced today on RedState that he has a relatively benign form of cancer, which according to his doctor is in remission. It's still cancer, but is very treatable and should not affect his life expectancy at all.

Several commentators believe that his announcement is another step on the road to a formal candidacy, and I tend to agree. One doesn't release this sort of stuff unless there's a good reason.

Captain Ed says that his sources are telling him Fred wanted to get this out into the open to gauge the reaction of his supporters and because he didn't want people to be blindsided with this during his proposed campaign. If true (and while I trust Captain Ed, anyone can make a mistake), that's a good sign for those of us excited about the prospect of a Fred Thompson campaign.

Hat Tip: Wizbang.

Update and bump: Former Senator Bill Frist... also known as Bill Frist, M. D., weighs in on Thompson's announcement:

This morning Fred Thompson, my good friend and colleague of many years, made it known that he has slow-growing marginal zone lymphoma - a disease that has never made him physically ill and for which he has a good prognosis, according to his doctor.

In my view, this disclosure indicates his seriousness as a potential candidate. He's a dedicated public servant with true conservative credentials, extraordinary communications skills and a devotion to his principles.

I hope you'll continue to post your statements encouraging Fred to run so that I can share them with him and other supporters across the country.
I am not only encouraging Fred to run, I am praying for his health to remain good.