Kristol: 2008 will be Obama vs. Thompson

William Kristol has an interesting article in Time (the link is the title--titles with links are indicated by the three colored dots--I know it can be hard to distinguish) where he opines that we're heading for an Obama vs. Thompson election in 2008, and he goes even further, saying:

Bobby Kennedy vs. Ronald Reagan — it's the grand matchup we were denied. They debated once, mostly about Vietnam, on a 1967 CBS telecast that featured Reagan in Sacramento, Calif., and Kennedy in New York City answering questions from students in London. (It was generally agreed that Reagan bested Kennedy, who asked afterward, "Who the f___ got me into this?") Who would not have relished a repeat confrontation between the conservative champion and the liberal prophet? Perhaps in October, when Thompson and Obama stand across the stage from each other, the hopes and dreams of both parties riding on their shoulders, we'll come close.
It's an interesting matchup.

Personally, if Thompson were to (finally) toss his hat in the ring, I'd probably support him. None of the others really set me on fire right now, but if push came to shove, I'd probably go for Romney.

Hat Tip: No Left Turns.