UF Student Tasered at Kerry Appearance

You may have heard by now about the student who was tasered today by police at a Kerry event.

A University of Florida student who was Tasered by police during U.S. Sen. John Kerry's Monday speech exited the Alachua County jail Tuesday afternoon and rushed to embrace his father.


During the forum, Meyer approached an open microphone to pose a question to Kerry, but University Police Department officers tried to physically remove him when he raised his voice and peppered Kerry with a series of questions.

Videos of Meyer's arrest, followed by a Tasering that made him scream in pain, have streamed across the Internet and been played by national media outlets. Critics have charged that the UPD officers involved, two of which have been placed on paid administrative leave, used excessive force. When Meyer was Tasered, he was being held to the floor by six officers.
Opinions and arguments are varying widely as to the necessity and appropriateness of the tasering the student received.

I really have no opinion on the whole affair, except they missed a perfect opportunity to taser the one person there who really deserves it.