Fred Hits a Homer at NRA Convention

Courtesy Jim Geraghty's Campaign Spot blog, we have a very favorable report on Fred's appearance today.

Two questions from the Q&A session will sort of give the picture:

"Some believe that the Second Amendment has different meanings in different places, and that the gun rights of citizens in, say, New York City and Chicago can restricted more than the gun rights of those in Tennessee and Montana. Do you agree?"

Thompson responds with a deep, rumbling, slow, "Noooope." Then he follows with absolute catnip for gun owners: "It's never seemed to me to be coincidental that the places that have the highest crime rates tend to be the places that have the most restrictions on gun ownership in America."
Will he appoint an Attorney General who shares his opinion of the Second Amendment. "Yes." More applause. "I think we're winning on the interpretation of the Second Amendment. I have a complicated position on this: The Constitution means what it says." He gets another standing ovation.
I think Fred has found his footing and is gonna be tough to beat from this point forward.

Update: Courtesy Fred08.com, here's a clip of parts of his speech, including the two quotes above.

Click to play

I don't know that I'd call his "nope" slow, as Geraghty does, but it is certainly definitive.