Fred! Announces

Fred Thompson finally announced his long anticipated presidential candidacy. Fred! made a guest appearance on Jay Leno to make the announcement. Later he webcast an announcement, introducing himself, why he's running, what he believes and what he hopes to do as President of the United States.

I think it's a good video. Fred! picked a good background and he was very comfortable and to the point.

Fred! has caught some flak the past few days for announcing his candidacy on the same night as the FOX News GOP debate in New Hampshire, and not participating in that debate. I would have liked to have seen Fred! in the debate. Those of us who have been waiting for him to jump in with both feet are ready to see him in action. However, I can see why he wouldn't want to be in a debate the same day he announced his candidacy. Besides, tomorrow, what will get the most media attention? The GOP candidates at the debate, or Fred! announcing his long anticipate candidacy?

From a PR and media perspective, Fred! probably made the right decision.

Fred '08 campaign site