Fred!'s Leno Appearance

As noted in a previous entry, Fred! Announces, he made his candidacy announcement on Wednesday night's Leno show.

Updated - Found video of the whole Leno appearance. Hat tip to conservababe Mary Katherine Ham. These two vidclips seem to be the whole Fred! appearance, so I'm posting the whole thing, just because I can't get enough Fred!.

Pretty good appearance but why does Fred! keep slapping his thigh in the first segment? Very annoying.

During the interview period, Leno says he remembers when he was young, we had the Peace Corps and sent young Americans all over the world and the world loved the United States. He then adds, "Maybe I'm naive because I'm here in Hollywood..." Jay, there is no maybe about it, you are naive.

Leno has some funny Fred! bumper stickers at the beginning of the second clip. He didn't have my favorite -


Fred! '08 campaign website