Ron Paul on KFI - Should be Good Radio

Ron Paul is scheduled for an on air interview tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11, 2007, with John Ziegler of KFI AM 640 (listen to streaming audio here). The interview is set for the seven o'clock hour (Pacific).

If Ron Paul makes the appearance, it should be a good time. John Ziegler is an excellent interviewer and won't pull any punches with Paul. Zig will go right at Ron Paul on his 9-11 troofer positions. There could be fireworks - or at least we can hope.

A year or two ago, Mary Mapes appeared on John Ziegler's show after she released her book about the TANG Memos. It was obvious Mapes and her publicist did not do their research on Zig. He sucked her right in and it was almost the end of the segment before she caught on that he was not sympathetic to her position.