Tax Hike Mike (Huckabee)

I've been reading, with some skepticism, GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's rising prospects, as noted in some polls. Some of this increasing popularity is based on his solid showing in the Ames GOP Straw Poll last month and his solid performances in GOP debates.

I'll admit, Huck is an attractive candidate. He's a former governor, he is well spoken, he's humorous, he's solid on family and values and has a good grasp on the issues. Nevertheless, Huck worries me. I think he's a populist and bit of a nanny-stater.

When I first heard Huckabee's name circulating as a prospective GOP presidential hopeful over a year ago, I did a little research and wasn't impressed with what I read. Yes, Huck can claim a record of accomplishment as Arkansas Governor, that doesn't mean it's a record he should run on as a conservative GOP presidential hopeful.

In recent weeks Huckabee has said as President he would sign legislation for a nationwide smoking ban and he has endorsed the DC Voting Rights Act.

Those two things alone give me pause. But it goes beyond that. In one of the early debates, Huckabee tried to shoulder the mantle of fiscal conservative and tax cutter. He claimed to have cut taxes ninety four times, then went on to say, as governor, he had turned a deficit into a one billion dollar surplus.

My first reaction was to wonder how Arkansas wound up with a billion dollar surplus if he had cut so many taxes.

Well, Club for Growth isn't very impressed with Huckabee's tax cutting resume either. Look what they have to say on Huck at Tax Hike Mike.

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has taken to calling himself a “fiscal conservative,” but who ever heard of a fiscal conservative who raised taxes and spending through the roof while governor of Arkansas? Mike Huckabee is also calling himself “a different kind of Republican,” but that’s just a codeword for a big-government Republican who wants to cover up his tax-and-spend record with folksy talking points and one-liners. Sorry Tax Hike Mike. No dice.

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h/t: Real Clear Politics