Terrorists Support Hillary, Part II

Looks like it's more than just terrorists making pro-Hillary statements... they're also donating money to her, and she's taking it, not returning it as other Democratic campaigns have done.

Some of the donors, in fact, are under active federal investigation for supporting terrorism, money laundering and tax fraud. After the press reported their alleged terror ties in past elections, Democrat Reps. Jim Moran of Virginia and Cynthia McKinney of Georgia had to refund their donations, making national news.

But that hasn't stopped Hillary from pocketing their money. So much for her promise to fly-speck donations for criminal ties following her fund-raising scandal with fugitive donor Norman Hsu.

In the past several months, the Democrat front-runner has received at least $2,000 from M. Yaqub Mirza, M. Omar Ashraf and Omar Barzinji, records show. Federal agents raided the Virginia homes and offices of the Muslim donors after 9/11, as part of a counterterrorism investigation targeting the so-called Safa group, a Saudi-backed conglomerate of Muslim businesses and charities.

It's this sort of thing that makes me glad every time someone predicts that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee... she will not only be absurdly easy to beat, given stories like this, but she will drag the Party of MoveOn right down the toilet.