More Hillary Supporters

Looks like Hillary's recent comments on what she calls "George Bush’s faulty and offensive historical analogies" are gaining her support from at least one area she might not want to advertise:

So if you’re keeping score, Hillary Clinton finds Bush’s historical analogy, comparing Osama Bin Laden to Hitler and Lenin, wrong and offensive. She is joined by the Communist Party USA, who also find the analogy offensive — apparently because Lenin didn’t do anything wrong. The American Nazi Party is, frankly, flattered by the comparison — which it gleefully extends to George Washington for reasons only a mental health professional knows. And everybody involved hates George W. Bush.
So, I can see the updated Hillary ad now... Hillary '08: the choice of terrorists and the Communist Party USA.

Of course, given her own socialistic/communistic views, I guess that will surprise no one except a few DailyKOS readers who don't know any better.