Comments Now Moderated

Because of the actions of one particular troll, who shall remain nameless but who doubtless knows who he is, I am left with two options if I wish to run a "tight ship" as one friend put it:

  1. Ban the entire IP range of the troll's ISP, which is a large one.
  2. Moderate and approve all comments before they appear.
Rather than ban a large segment of the population because of the actions of one person, I've chosen #2. Therefore, it may take some time before comments appear on the blog. However, being a geek, I do have a smartphone, and have verified that I can approve or delete comments using its web browser, so I can take care of it from work as well as from home.

Hopefully the troll will get the message that he is not welcome here and we can remove moderation at some point in the future.