THIS is How You Do Immigration Reform

Turns out one country on this planet knows how to take care of illegal immigrants... and it ain't the US:

...reform needs to focus on tough sanctions against illegal immigration, cultural assimilation, a paring back of family reunification, greater language competence and job skills, and temporary-worker programs that are truly temporary.
Which country is this?


Yes, France, home of the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

Turns out Sarkozy wants to get tough with illegal immigration, and so does the rest of the EU:
The European Union has just proposed a tough new plan, featuring sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Under the proposed new policy, ten percent of Europe’s companies would be inspected every year, employers would be required to run identity checks, fines would be levied on business violators, and employers who repeatedly or egregiously breach hiring laws would be subject to severe economic penalties or imprisonment.
For once, I think America would do well to emulate the European model.

And maybe I can go back to being proud of my French heritage.