Anti-Mormon Rumors Surfacing

Turns out one of Mr. Romney's opponents for the GOP nomination may (emphasize, may) be working on a rumor-mongering campaign against Mr. Romney's religion.

I suspect this will backfire on the other candidate, and backfire badly. Even if one disagrees with Mr. Romney's religion, as I do, that is no reason to start a back-door whispering campaign like this.

It appears, however, as though one candidate, or at the very least his staffers, seem to believe otherwise.

To find out which campaign I am referring to, hit the link in the title above.

UPDATE: According to NRO, the Romney campaign has responded thusly:

"I sincerely hope that the Giuliani campaign did not send that e-mail out to reporters in an effort to provoke questions about a fellow candidate's faith. They may have just been passing it along for other reasons, but given the focus of the article, they should be more careful since it could very easily be seen as an effort to question Governor Romney's faith. An action like that would be terribly disappointing."

-Kevin Madden, spokesman for Governor Romney

That about covers it, I think.