Ahoy Mates!

C-C-G was magnanimous in inviting me to contribute to his blog based on a few comments I posted on a blog we both frequent. He doesn't realize those were some rare moments of clarity and insight. Despite that, I'll do all I can to help C-C-G realize his goals of growing readership and visibility.

I'm a 40'ish, US Navy retiree ('77-'99). A registered Republican since eighteen. A political prisoner in the state of California, in a little town in the middle of the Mojave Desert, represented by the stupidest member of the United States Senate - Babs Boxer.

These are vibrant, dynamic times. They are troubled times for the conservative movement. There are opportunities before us to shift the debate and conclusions to our beliefs. It was encouraging to see the activism during the illegal immigrant amnesty debate, and witness the outcome. We can influence events as long as we don't get discouraged, and give in and give up.

I see the purpose of the right-o-sphere blogs not so much as converting non-believers to our cause, but rather to provide the arguments to influence the debate and to keep each other enthusiastic. To keep us engaged and active, to keep the momentum going. It's easy to be overcome by campaign fatigue, from political fatigue, but rest assured, the other side will not stop, and neither can we.

I hope to contribute to the debate and help keep our spirits and enthusiasm high.

C-C-G, thanks for the opportunity.