NY Slimes Admits Anti-Military Bias

Computer issues have kept me away from blogging for a bit, but here's one I just had to struggle through the difficulties to post about.

OpinionJournal.com (whom the link above points to... I refuse to link directly to the NY Slimes) points out that a Times story admits their bias:

James Glanz, a Baghdad correspondent who will become bureau chief for The New York Times next month, said that although he and others had many great experiences working with the rank-and-file soldiers, some military leaders seem determined to protect something besides the privacy of their troops."

As the number of reporters there dwindles further and further because of the difficult conditions we work under, the kind of work they are able to publish becomes very important," Mr. Glanz said. "This tiny remaining corps of reporters becomes a greater and greater problem for the military brass because we are the only people preventing them from telling the story the way they want it told."

(emphasis added by OpinionJournal, but retained by me, cause I thought it highlights the point so very well.)

Whatever happened to "All The News That's Fit to Print?" I guess the military's own story isn't "fit to print," according to the leftists at the NY Slimes.

And they wonder why their circulation is taking a nose-dive.