How the Party of the Donkey Supports the Troops

Democrats, those of the party with the Donkey mascot, love to tell us that they support the troops.

The Party of the Donkey supports our fighting men and women so much, they're playing politics with the money needed to provide troop carriers that can protect the soldiers from injury or death from IEDs.

The armored carrier has a grim black slash across its side, burn marks on the door and a web of cracks along the window.

Like most of the Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in Anbar province, this one has been hit as many as three times by enemy fire and bomb blasts. Yet, to date, no American troops have died while riding in one.

But efforts to buy thousands more carriers — each costing about $1 million — could be delayed if the White House and Congress do not resolve their deadlock over a $124.2 billion war spending bill.

About $3 billion for the vehicles is tied up in the legislation. The spending plan has stalled because of a dispute over provisions that would set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

But the Democrats support the troops. Just ask them.

They support them so much that they play politics with protection for the troops, who are the sons and daughters of America's mothers, whom we honor this weekend.

Let's all remember this when we go to the voting booth, hmmm?

Hat Tip: BlackFive.