Giuliani Fumbles on Abortion, Again

The American Spectator's Campaign Crawlers reports that Giuliani is in trouble again:

The most memorable moment in last night's Republican presidential debate came when the candidates were asked about Roe v. Wade. One after another, everyone said what a great day it will be when Roe is overturned. Then came Rudy Giuliani's turn.

"It would be okay," he said, almost shrugging.

As Chris Matthews pressed him into elaborating that he'd leave it to a judge to determine whether it's appropriate to overturn precedent, the fundamental dilemma of the Giuliani candidacy was on full display. A Republican can't win without making peace with the pro-life movement. But Giuliani can't campaign as a pro-lifer without being rightly pilloried as an opportunistic flip-flopper. And while promising not to make Roe a litmus test is regular ritual in general elections, Giuliani actually means it: He'll appoint judges who would probably overturn Roe, but he's not going to make it a priority.
The "electable" candidate is becoming less and less "electable."

And, remember, John "I Voted For the $87 Billion Before I Voted Against It" Kerry was "electable," too.