Welcome to 2008!

Jed Babbin issues a call to arms:

Forget the holiday. All leaves are cancelled. As we set sail into the election year, sound general quarters. The USS Conservatism is at battle stations from now until the smoke clears on the morning after the election. Sharpen the cutlasses, issue a brace of pistols to all hands, and load with chain shot, for I mean to grapple and board.

All of us, especially those in the media, have to be fast and accurate. Let no media-contrived story go unchallenged, no Democrat allowed to speak untruths without being slapped with the facts. This is the fight we were born for, folks. Play the deguello: quarter will not be asked or given. This is one we have to win, and we will. All hands on deck.

I'm ready... bring 'em on.