Comment Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines for comments. The blog owner (that's me) is the final arbiter of these guidelines and it is solely my decision how strictly they will be enforced. If you do not agree to be bound by these guidelines, do not post comments here.

  1. Each person, including blogger(s), is considered solely responsible for his/her words. Attempts to shift responsibility to another will not be considered nor tolerated.
  2. While an occasional "dig" at someone else will be tolerated if it is in a post which makes or attempts to make a point, posts which are nothing but insults, or contain items that are beyond the pale may be edited or deleted. Examples of beyond the pale comments include, but are not limited to, personal threats; comparing a person to a Nazi, KKK member, Islamoterrorist, or other comparison designed to inflame; or any other comment designed to inflame.
  3. Spam is absolutely forbidden.
  4. If you have a long comment, it is recommended that you post it on your own blog and then simply place a link in the comments. HTML links do work in comments.
  5. Sock-puppeting is not tolerated.
  6. The email addresses used in the comment area may be verified at any time. If a false email is found, the user is subject to banning. Email addresses entered here are never sold to any third party.
  7. Commenters who have been banned are not permitted to return with another name except with the express, written permission of the site owner. And that won't be easy to get.
  8. Any comment deemed to be too far off topic, disruptive, or otherwise undesirable shall be removed.
  9. The site owner reserves the right to edit and/or delete any comment at any time for any reason.
  10. Remember, this blog is in effect an extension of my home into cyberspace. Please treat it with the respect that you would show the owner of a home you are a guest in.
In exchange, I promise to treat my guests as guests, unless and until they show that they are not worthy of that respect. If a person abuses my hospitality, however, it is quite likely that you will be treated as a gate-crasher.